Spiderman III (Wii) [8/10]

The only con to this game is that it is very quickly beaten. The designers tried to increase the game’s longevity by piling on the challenges after the actual end of the plot of the game had been reached, but after beating Venom you no longer are able to change into the black suit. This was one of the two funnest parts of the game. So after you have beaten all of the major bad guys, you’re now back to your normal strengths and can’t wreak havoc as well as you used to. Needless to say, I couldn’t play it for too long after this happened. The other fun part of the game is learning to swing through the city streets. I think the wii remote is the best possible medium for this part of the gameplay, and frankly, this never gets old, because you are always learning little tricks and techniques to improve your style. Bottom line, very fun, but doesn’t last long enough.


Silent Hill [4/10]

Wow… This was the goriest thing I’ve ever seen. So much so that it detracted from the movie. The premise was kind of good, and it had a gasp! moral! Well, it’s kind of hidden, but if you think about it hard enough, it’s something like, "You have to be careful how you dispense justice." Special effects were good, sounds were awesome and the music was moody. The guy with the huge sword and metal head was… I don’t know—spooky. So the atmosphere of the movie was a 9, but everything else brought it down. Worth seeing one time.

The Prestige [10/10]

Not many movies will get the coveted (and presigious) 10/10 rating on my system, but The Prestige earns that and more. The actors are incredible. The plot is twisted and clever. The schemes of two stage magicians weave and intertwine in many different directions, ultimately leading to increased jealousy and hatred. You feel a small sense of triumph as you put the pieces together to figure out the method of one of them, and then are completely floored as the method of the other is described at the end of the movie. This is a must see.