The DaVinci Code

DaVinci starts off really good. The pacing is good and it looks like it is going to build up into a good thriller. Most of the acting is great, I especially liked Jean Reno’s character. Unfortunately they start going more and more into Dan Brown’s conspiracy theories and atrocious theology, and as this happens the movie slows down considerably, until by the end you are just trying to will it to be over. The aforementioned theology is delivered with all of the smugness and patronization you would expect, but the blow is made worse as it is delivered again and again by Gandalf himself. The music seemed kind of flat the first time I saw this in theaters, but now that I have listened to it a few times it has really grown on me. God’s providence makes a cameo appearance in a couple of places, giving a little more heavenly endorsement to the central theme.

Is there anyone in this world that would take DaVinci‘s claims against the divinity of Jesus seriously? How about that a painting made fourteen centuries after the death of Jesus could possibly be used as evidence to support the movie’s wild claims? Either way, the bottom line is that this is a movie that misses its full potential, preaches almost every possible fact of history incorrectly, and is a little annoying in its smug attitude.


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