Noteworthy KJVO conversion stories

In my last post I made the claim that people are leaving the philosophy of King James Onlyism in droves. Time to back that up… Here’s a list of what I feel are some of the more noteworthy conversion stories, along with some less impressive quick mentions and forum introductions. I would be happy to include conversion stories that go the other direction, as well. If someone reads this that knows of one, post it as a comment!

[Update 6/1/2015 – Here are the original old links that are no longer working for whatever reason]


7 thoughts on “Noteworthy KJVO conversion stories

  1. I enjoyed your listing of stories here. (I just linked to it).

    The last link, however, doesn’t work. And for the second to last one, this link actually gives the testimony:

    It was interesting to see that not everyone followed the same path, nor arrived at the same conclusions. Still it was good to read the books and other thoughts that influenced them.


    Bob Hayton

  2. Thanks, Bob.

    I’m leaving the last link up for awhile just in case, the page says right now that it’s just temporarily down. Maybe when I linked to it, their server was brought down by a flood of incoming traffic. Heh heh… Err… Just kidding.

    Here’s another ex-KJVO link I’m adding to the list.

  3. Hi there… I am the person who wrote the story at the sfpulpit link. I stumbled on your blog from Fundamentally Reformed… knew of “Ryan Debarr” from the FFF days (he’ll know what I am talking about).
    Reflecting back on that post, I think I laid it out pretty clearly. Kent Brandenburg’s reply is typical of IFBx, when what we see flatly falsifies the party line, stop trusting the eyes and mind God gave you.
    Anyways you can check out my blog at if you are interested.

  4. What a fascinating collection of stories. I particularly agree with the idea that the Internet (and other online or offline computerized tools) have made us more accountable as believers than perhaps in any other age.

    Online, I can carefully search for scholarly (and unscholarly) opinions. Offline, tools such as eSword make researching the Word tremendously fast.

    My own story regarding KJV-onlyism is partly related via the links below. Essentially, though, I “fell under” the influence of a Greek scholar friend whose mantra is “Context! Context!” Learning to read the Word the right way and

    The “Which Bible?” Tract—Facets of “KJV-Onlyism” Examined

    How to Ruin Your Life by Misunderstanding the Will of God / Anatomy of a Train Wreck

    I very much enjoyed reading your site. Thanks!

  5. Tom Bowman

    Only 3 of the links are active any longer. It may be better to copy so the blogs to your web site for posterity. I’m an ex KJO pastor. I’ve read the Word through each year in a different translation, at first to see the “perversions.” That, along with James White’s book forced to me investigate all the claims of people like Ruckman and Riplinger. I now enjoy reading from the ESV, NAS, NKJV, NIV, Holman, and the NLT. Despite the yelling from some, these have ALL been valuable additions to my study and depth of learning in regard to the Word of God. Blessings to you!

    1. Tom, thanks for your comment. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must have been to go through this type of “conversion” with a church body that would mostly have been very resistant and judgmental of this type of change. I would love to read that story some time. I have gone through the links (I managed to relink one at a different location) and marked off the ones that no longer work in the post. Thanks again.

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