Nature: It’s Not Just for Tree Huggers!

While Monica and I were perusing the aisles of the local horticulture outlet, I looked around at all of the different plants, trees, and flowers, and realized, “Oh my gosh, this stuff is all art!”

I’ve been reading about art in it’s differing mediums, concentrating mostly on movies right now, but trying to develop an appreciation of all types of art–movies, music, poetry, paintings, etc..  It’s very hard for me to appreciate these things, because if, as a man, I am predetermined to see things through the head and not the heart, I must be the manliest of all men.  I think developing this part of life will improve my marriage, my relationship with God, and just life in general.

But back to the point… I realized at that garden center that man made art is not even half the story.  God has given us art all around us that quietly beckons to be appreciated.  The scenic landscape, a partly cloudy day, a blanket of snow on the ground, the sound of a babbling brook.  We would do well to learn to appreciate these things; and as you ponder them, the idea that everything just appeared by chance without a Creator responsible for them will seem far less likely.