Why “Mind Map”?

This is to answer a question posed by a new comment on the About page that seems to be at least partly genuine, even if mixed with a little bit of advertising.  The question may be on everyone’s mind, though, so here’s the answer.

Why “Phil’s Mind Map”?  Because this site originally started out as a wiki that I was intending to use as a way to organize my thoughts in various outlines, mimicking the way proper mind maps work, at least as well as could be done with a straight, text-only outline format.  I had a site on wikidot.com for awhile to handle this, and then decided to add a blog to it.  As it evolved, I stopped using it so much as a mind map, and concentrated on blogging, but Wikidot is seriously lacking in blog features.  So I moved it to WordPress (which has the best set of features of all of the big blogging sites) and the name stayed.

I continue to be a big fan of mind maps which are the best way to organize “brainstormed” thoughts.  Here’s how to get more information…