Wall-E: It’s not about the message!

Wall-E.  It’s one of those movies where you can really say either you love it or you hate it.

I loved it.  I have yet to actually meet a person who agrees with me.

Yes, it’s subtle.  There’s not a lot of dialog in the first part of the movie, and yes, Wall-E himself is not a big talker.  Neither am I, maybe that’s why I’m not turned off by that?  Who says that there has to be a lot of dialog in the movies?  The people at Pixar made up for it by making Wall-E and EVE so interesting and expressive.  If you pay attention to the details in the movie, you will have more than enough information to figure out what’s going on, and maybe that’s the problem: as movie-goers, we have gotten used to being force-fed and have lost the ability to pay attention and really understand a movie.

I have to admit, maybe my favorable opinion is colored by the fact that I was in total awe of the talent of the CG animators.  This was the best-looking CG movie I have ever seen.  I was in awe of the music, too… Very simple and beautiful.

Here’s another thing: it’s not about the environment!  Liberals love the movie and conservatives hate the movie  because of some kind of perceived “message”.  What is the message?  Don’t cover your planet with junk?  Any idiot knows that.  It’s not a “message”, it’s a plot element.  Did anybody pick up on the fact that technology made people more like robots, and meanwhile, robots had gotten more like humans?  And that Wall-E was an instrument to bring about a reversal to that?  Did you notice where that change started happening?  I haven’t heard anybody talking about this.


3 thoughts on “Wall-E: It’s not about the message!

  1. Thank you, you have restored my faith in humanity! I can’t wait to see it a second time, and luckily I don’t have to wait long, I heard it’s coming out on DVD in November. It used to take years for movies to come out on video…

  2. Wall-E was one of our favorite films this summer. I can’t say I liked it better than The Dark Knight, but I check Amazon regularly for a preorder date on the Blu-Ray.

    I was blown away by the visual details, especially on the starship.

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