GTD Tip #1 – Make your weekly review enjoyable

Over the years I’ve started using GTD principals a couple of times and have slowly fizzled out a couple of times.  I have managed to keep it going for awhile now (and am always more productive when I am doing it) by making the weekly review a little more enjoyable.

Nothing kills off the desire to “get things done” more than dreading the weekly review.  If you start to see it as a mundane chore that simply must be slogged through, you’ll start putting it off and skipping it some weeks altogether.  This spells doom for the GTD philosophy.

One thing that used to cause me to dread the weekly review was seeing the same old tasks over and over again that I knew I would never have time to get to.  How depressing to see all of those failures right in front of your face every week!  If you find this happening, remove the task from your list, and if it’s something you think you may one day get to, try to anticipate when you’ll be able to look at it again and set yourself a reminder to appear (maybe a few months hence), at which time you can evaluate whether you can take it on or just set another reminder.  Aim to “declutter” your task list every week.

Also, try to look forward to the weekly review as a time to take it down to third gear and relax a little.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee, or if you have a Starbucks nearby, pick up an eggnog latte or something.  How about a smoothie?   Put on some relaxing music, and try to have fun, visualizing your goals and the next steps you must take to get them done.  By keeping your review time organized, relaxed, and a little more fun, you’ll ensure that you stay willing to keep it on your schedule.


One thought on “GTD Tip #1 – Make your weekly review enjoyable

  1. Good points, thanks for the reminder – My Weekly Reviews are always up and down for me. It feels nice when done knowing where everything stands and what the plan is but it is very difficult for me to make it happen. I like the declutter idea and the reminder – still keeps it out of your head but not in your face.


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