The problem with wives…

Monica's solo
Monica's solo

…Is that they make it look so easy.  There would be a lot less marital conflicts if the husband only knew what the wife had to go through for some of the seemingly simplest of tasks, such as just getting all of the kids ready and out the door to make an appointment.

Monica sang in a Christmas special recently (even had a solo!) and I had to get all the kids ready to go while she was getting set up at the event.  Maybe I’m just a bad father, but it’s harder than it looks.

You have to pack the diaper bag, get all of the kids’ hats and gloves, make sure they’ve all gone to the bathroom and had their drinks, make sure you have remembered to bring everything else that’s necessary for whatever event you are attending…  And that’s just going places, don’t even get me started on how hard it was to coordinate dinner so that everyone was eating exactly what they wanted all at exactly the same time and that it was cooked to perfection (or in this case, just heated up to perfection in the microwave).

Let’s give the wives a special round of applause!


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