Best of the Web For December 14, 2008

  • From the “OK, it’s kind of bizarre, but also kind of cool Department”…

    tags: bizarre, urban, camping, outdoors, urban camping, city

    • Car Tent 3
    • Car Tent 2
    • The Car Tent is a rather ingenious approach to urban camping. Instead of hiding in a park or making up excuses in a public location, car tent users can camouflage themselves right in plain view.
    • “The car tent is a tent designed to look like a car cover, so you can go camping in the city without being disturbed. And really, who doesn’t go camping in the city? When you get hungry you just shoot a business man and cook him over an open flame.”
  • Too good to be true? LiveDrive is the first service I have seen to claim unlimited file storage space on-line. This would certainly solve the dilemma that I have in trying to find hard drive space to keep my home movies…

    tags: online, service, web 2.0, beta, storage, livedrive

    • Never run out of storage space again! All Livedrive packages come with unlimited storage space.
    • We believe that using an online hard drive should be no different to using a normal hard drive … and that’s exactly how Livedrive works.
    • Send large documents, presentations and ZIP files to contacts and clients. Forget the hassle of emailing attachments.
  • tags: desktop, wallpaper, windows, multimonitor

    • Most popular by a landslide, was Mandolux.
    • Second and still highly favored was InterfaceLIFT, an enormous respository of wallpapers.
    • Although you wouldn’t expect anything less from a website devoted to creativity and artwork, the wallpaper section of DeviantArt is packed with beautiful wallpaper.
    • Social Wallpapering take a Digg-like approach with users submitting and voting wallapers up and down in popularity.

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One thought on “Best of the Web For December 14, 2008

  1. johnbon

    The car tent would be great unless a parking attendant tried to ticket it or they saw you setting it up… Interesting idea none the less…

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