Paralyzed by Perfectionism

Monica was pointing something out about herself (and me) the other day when talking about why we don’t tend to go to the gym as much anymore.  It’s a character flaw (trait?) that says it’s “all or nothing”.  We were going to the gym about 3 times a week for two hours.  Once that started slowing down and we lost a day, we would not go for the rest of the week because, “why bother?”

Of course, the answer is that we should have gone, even if we wouldn’t have done our full weeks worth of workout.  What about if we have less than 2 hours?  We don’t go.  Why bother going for 1 hour if we can’t do our full two hour routine?

When you write it out like this, it just seems so ridiculous that we would be subject to it, but I was thinking this morning that it goes way farther than the gym.  It actually encroaches upon every part of my life.  We have stuff that needs to be done all over the house, and I’m always waiting for that perfect day where I will have “all day” to tackle a big chunk of the projects all at once.  Well, guess what–that day doesn’t really exist.  I have four kids, after all.  In reality, if I want to get anything done, I’ll have to take 20 minute snatches of time here or there.

How about blogging?  I rarely have time to blog, so I never blog.  It can hinder a relationship with God as well–I don’t have an hour to read my Bible and pray this morning, so why bother doing it for 20 minutes?

Here’s a good one… I can’t think of a way to wrap this post up in style, so I’m just not going to publish it.