The Kindle–It’s Not Just a Device

OK, so I have “tweeted” a couple of links to some great free Kindle books and thought I should mention something in case not everyone out there realizes it.  You don’t have to have one of those little white Kindle electronic devices from Amazon to read Kindle books.  Personally, I read Kindle books from Amazon’s free iPhone app, but there are many other platforms that free Kindle “reader” software can be downloaded to, Mac, Windows, Blackberry; Android and others are coming soon.

I posted a link to Prayer, by Philip Yancey recently, when it was available for free.  It has gone back to $9.99, the usual Kindle book price, which is a good deal, still, but you can’t snooze on those free book offers, they only last a couple of days.  I have about 30 books in my Kindle library, most of which I obtained for free, including Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, Haley’s Bible Handbook, The Naked Gospel, and some books by Rob Bell, John Piper, and on and on.

Even if you don’t currently have a Kindle, I would start building up your library in case you ever do get the Kindle software on one of your devices.  The free book deals are really too good to pass up.  Follow me on Twitter–I post links to them when they are made available.

Another thing I should mention in passing… Amazon recently added a cool new feature.  You have the ability to highlight text in your Kindle books, and now if there is a common passage that other users are highlighting, it will give it a faint underline in your reader.  It is kind of cool to see what other people find noteworthy in a book.  I almost never highlight the same portions for some reason.  I always suspected I was playing to the beat of a different drummer…