Award BIOS

For a long time I have had no reason to continue mapping my mind. Or time.

So I dropped the blog.  Made it private to discourage random commenters and trolls who must have found the mind map via search engines that I just didn’t have time or energy to reply to.

Today, I reboot the mind map.  Not because I plan on generating a huge audience or anything, but for me.  In fact, as I write this, the settings are still to make it private, and I continue to debate with myself whether to make it public or not.

Either way, the reason I have brought it back is because as I was dealing with some nostalgia over some old video games, I realized that pulling those memories back up somehow brought memories back of other things that were happening around the same time (if I tried really hard).  Just to back up a little–I have almost no memory of things in my past.  I can’t remember “jack”, as they say.  It kind of bothers me.  Why can’t I remember?  I have little fleeting visions of things, but for the most part, my personal history is just a black box.

I’ve just said, “Well, that’s the way it is,” for a long time now, but as I pulled some memories out of there, I realized that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Maybe I can pull memories back up one at a time.  Start with the few memories that are vivid, and work from there.  See if recalling them in every detail that I can also pulls some other things back up.

For some reason, some of my most vivid memories are tied to computers.  My Atari 130XE, ColecoVision, even “IBM Clone” (a 386).  My plan is to start digging through some of those memories and see what comes of it.

As I poke around for stimuli in this endeavor by searching the web, I see there are other people reliving the old classic computer days through “retro gaming” blogs and twitter accounts.  Maybe this will be some interest to someone else out there as well.  If I do decide to take this public, these are probably the kind of people that may find some interest.


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