Mini-Review Parasite (Parasitology, #1) by Mira Grant

Mini-Review of Parasite: (2/5 stars)

This came very close a couple of times to ending up on my “unfinished” shelf. It was an interesting idea, and I think that if it had been executed a little differently, I could have rated it much higher. One aspect of the book was the slow descent into zombie apocalypse that I would have thought of as being very well thought out if the book hadn’t emphasized the over-dramatized relational aspect of the characters so much. It was sort of like General Hospital meets Walking Dead, and the book itself wasn’t sure which one it should follow more.

Another thing I couldn’t get past was that it kept feeling like a young-adult novel until I would hit those sporadic spots throughout where it was decidedly not like a young-adult novel. I think it would have done much better as a straight-up zombie apocalypse. I did appreciate the somewhat predictable twist ending, however, and so was glad that I stuck through it.

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