Some Thoughts on Quest

* Very impressed with power after glancing over toolset and creating a very simple experimental game.
* Huge user community. Not sure how that went unnoticed!
* Of the “Top 20” at the time that I went through it, most of the games really lacked polish.
* I *LOVE* that a game can be complete defined in an XML file.
* User Interface Issues:
* No way to post reviews directly from software (and would like to be able to rate without posting a review).
* No way to search for a game
* No way to get back to the main info screen from the local list of recently opened files.

* Concl: Opening Quest is kind of magical. On one hand, you’re immediately presented with tons of new content to engage with, starting with the top 20 overall stories and a way to view the contents of a number of different genres. On the other, the “Create” tab is a blank canvas upon which it feels like you have the power to create any type of interactive fiction that may pop into your head.


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