Goat Simulator App Mini-Review

So… Yeah.  I can’t believe I’m writing this, but Goat Simulator is actually kind of fun.  Here’s why–I think it taps into just a tiny bit of the magic of a text adventure.

No, there is no text in it. I know that.  But after exploring the little world and solving a few little puzzles, I could easily see this being an Infocom-lite game.  Here’s kind of what I mean.

> climb tower

You climb to the top of goat tower.  There is a door here.

> enter door

You enter the door and are transported to Goat Castle!

Goat Castle
You are in a dimly lit antechamber with a set of large, wooden double-doors leading north.  The doors are open.

> north

Goat Throne Room
You have entered the goat throne room!  The walls are lined with large, stained glass windows, and goats are lined up on either side of the royal walkway that terminates in a huge black throne made of skulls.

> sit on throne

You get the idea, right? Anyway, the game is on sale right now.  I wouldn’t buy it for full price, but if it’s not still on sale when you read this, you might think to put a price watch on it and nab it when it goes back down.


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