Game Two: Blue Max by Synapse Software

This is another one that I remember playing at M.B.’s house.  They had an Atari 800, which was slightly different than my Atari 130XE, and I believe they had the more-or-less standard Atari joysticks with the black plastic case with the single stick in the middle and the two orange fire buttons.

OK, I’m going out on a limb here and trying to remember some particular details…  I believe their upstairs was… Unfinished maybe?  With just studs uncovered by drywall… A maroon-ish couch… They had a dog named Schnapps.  The Atari was situated in front of a TV in front of a stool, I think.

I had a lot of fun here…  The dad was into things that my dad would never have been, and that got me some exposure to certain things that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.  War-gaming… Role playing games…  He was fairly into this stuff.  They had elaborate dioramas made out of Styrofoam, shellac, paint, etc. to look like landscapes upon which they had painted metal tanks and would measure out movements and firing.  I remember having some German Panzers…  Shermans… Anywho.

Playing Blue Max via emulator was incredibly disappointing.  That’s mostly because every time I hit a key, the plane crashes on the runway.  If I don’t hit a key, the plane crashes at the end of the runway.  I’m starting to think that I’m not going to have much luck with the joystick games.  At least unless I get a joystick, and I have no plans to do that.  I remember Blue Max playing much like Zaxxon, but in a less sci-fi setting.

For now, I’ll have to be content watching the demo that plays before you hit the start key.  Yeah… Pretty much like I remember it.


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