Sky Kid, an Arcade Game

I’m still trying to place where Sky Kid might be in the chronology of my life.  I think it may be a bit later, but (since I know I played it on the NES which came after the Atari at least) I’m going to blog it now because I’ve been thinking about it.

Ah, pizzerias.  Godfathers…. Round Table… Pizza Haven.

Round table was the best.  They had a unique pizza that I have never seen anywhere else.  Not sure what it was… The sauce, maybe?  The slices were cut into ultra thin and long triangles, but they held together nicely.  And Round Table had a cool “sword in the stone” thing going on at the entrance to their establishments, with a sword that looked like it was buried in a large rock, and the temptation to grab it and give it a yank as you walked in or out was hard to deny.  And they had a nice arcade room.

But Sky Kid wasn’t at Round Table—it was at Godfather’s.  The arcade section here was smaller, and included other cabinets like Punch Out! and Star Wars, among others that I don’t remember.  Pac Man, maybe?  Ooh, bonus—I think they had one of those little sit-down Pac Man tables where you could take turns playing across from a friend while eating pizza.

So, but Sky Kid was a fun game.  Fun enough that I eventually bought it for the NES later.  I remember plopping tons of quarters into this game, but I never got far in the arcade.  I think the only arcade game that I put enough in to actually beat was TMNT, and that was much later in life—probably high school.

Typical of older games, Sky Kid is very simple.  You basically fly around and try not to get shot while shooting down other planes/tanks and bombing the fortress at the end of the level.  Button 1 shoots, and button 2 does a loop, a move that you can use to evade shots sometimes.  Or end up colliding into another plane and possibly crashing.

It had a surprising amount of Easter eggs and fun little things. 2014-10-23_122337 For example, shooting the happy, dancing girls at the end of the level  This would, for some unfathomable reason, turn them into happy, dancing ghosts. 

imageFlipping around the sun would turn it into a moon, and this would change the level to night. 

At the beginning of a level, sometimes there would be dancing girls that would send up some love (and increase your score) if you would loop over them.  image


imageDoing a flip just above the Pac Man billboard would give you a medal.

imageLooping around the statue of liberty swooshes her dress up a little bit.

imageAnd here, shooting a couple of helpless penguins turns them into polar bears.  So I think you get the idea.


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