Hill 160 by Mike Gerwat

Right away I encountered the fairly common grammatical error of using “it’s” for “its”.  Also encounter a few run-on sentences, misspellings/typos, etc. as I play onward. Pet peeves aside, I appreciate the research that must have gone into making this game.  The amount of items in my inventory was impressive and gave it an authentic feel, but also a bit overwhelming. I played through for a bit just wandering around, died a few times, decided this wasn’t enjoyable enough to continue, then decided to start over with the walkthrough.  I was glad I did, there turned out to be a lot of depth to the game that you don’t see just wandering through. 

Actually, I played part way through the walkthrough, then realized that it contained over 700 commands!  At that point, I raised the white flag.  I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a work of parser-based IF, but I think this would have been much more successful as a CYOA.  It really kind of feels like that anyway with the very specific flow of the story and the things you must do, and without the walkthrough, I just don’t know how I would have known to do most of the stuff that was required.  The descriptions are very nice and do make you feel as though you are in the WWI trenches. Score: 6.


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