Tea Ceremony by Naomi Hinchen

A down-on-her-luck low-level diplomat must win over an alien aristocrat for the purpose of securing a few votes in Earth’s favor.  Already, you can see, the story is a bit deeper than many IFComp entries.  Assuming you can successfully fulfill the diplomatic requirements of the Glorpians, you should be able to win the alien over and save the day.  Overall, this was well-done.  Not a lot of glitches—the text (grammar, etc.) was well-polished. The only thing I didn’t care for was the actual making of the recipe. I admit I just followed the walkthrough for baking in the kitchen.  It was already onerous to just type it in from the walkthrough… I can’t even imagine trying to do the logic to figure it out.  Not the type of puzzles I’m looking for in IF—maybe it’s just not my “cup of tea”.  Score: 7.


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