Big Trak

I was doing some Bing image search for something, and somehow came across this.  It’s funny how memories can come back from the stupidest places.  I couldn’t otherwise have remembered this thing if I tried. 

Anyway, we used to play with one of these at Woodside Elementary.  I think maybe first grade; Mrs. Little’s class.  Every kid fought to take turns programming this to do stupid things like driving down the hall and making random turns.  You’d program it by typing in a sequence of key presses that instructed it to “go forward”, “turn right”, and probably other things like “honk horn” or whatever.  Maybe this was actually my first introduction to programming. 

I’ve had another memory that I’ve been trying to develop about a book that I was reading also around this time.  I think it was called just “Downtown”.  I think.  Google searches for this have returned nothing.  I’ve had a lot of success finding books that I read as a kid and adding them to my book collection.  Things like Hitchhiker’s Guide, Dragonlance, Star Wars, Quozl…  I wonder if they didn’t have a Young Adult genre back then…