exoDOS Adventures version 2

qf0JYD9.jpgIn what may come to be known as the worst possible thing that could ever have happened to my ability to be productive in this life, I have found the Internet Archive.

While clicking around, I found a world of interesting things ranging from old, forgotten consoles (and ways to emulate them) to full downloads of “abandoned” adventure games.  That led me to the exoDOS Adventure collection. Good bye, free time!

The exoDOS collection is an attempt to collect all of the great DOS software from “back in the day”.  I’ll be concerned mostly with the Adventure collection, but there are collections for simulations, RPGs, shooters, etc.  It’s amazing how well adventure games age–honestly, they are as fun today as they were then.  Try saying that about any other kind of game.  Try playing Madden ’98.  Exactly.

This collection is particularly interesting for a number of reasons.

  • It includes software from publishers that I always wanted to get my hands on but could never justify the expense for at the time.  Cascade Mountain Publishing.  Malinche.  Horror of Rylvania.
  • It includes Infocom games that even I wasn’t aware of.
  • It includes the most extensive collection of user manuals, box scans, disk scans, etc. I’ve ever seen.  Period.

Some notable absences…  The Myst games.  Copyright?  Probably.  Neverhood.  I can’t fathom why this wouldn’t be in there.  I don’t think it’s available in any other format. Also, the archive size is around 130 gigs.  Yes, gigs. So, make sure you have some space available.

I don’t see any better springboard to get myself back into some of those old games and mess around with them.  I’m still working out exactly how I intend to do it, but I will go through these games in some systematic way, and hopefully keep this updated as I do.



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