Draw Something 2

So where did Draw Something 2 go?  My family is going through a Draw Something phase right now.  So I can scrape together a mediocre Draw Something picture, I guess, yeah, but… It dawned on my that I was much better with Draw Something 2 (DS2).  It has more colors, better tools, more things to unlock… It was all around a far better piece of software than DS.

And there is literally, like, no information about it on the web.  Google searches for stuff like, “What happened to Draw Something 2” really don’t yield any useful information.  Just mostly very positive reviews of the product, proving that I am not crazy–at one time it did exist.

So I emailed the company.  Unfortunately, DS2 is no longer.

Art with Friends 2 game has been closed since 2015. It’s data are no longer available. Over the past few years, we have had a great time working on Art with Friends 2, and we thank you for joining us on that journey.  As the Zynga family of games continues to grow, we have had to make hard choices as to where we can best strike a balance between supporting Art with Friends 2, and creating new games for you and others to play.  As a result of this, we’ve shut down the Art with Friends 2, to make room for future game offerings. I recommend you to play on Speed Guess Something, Draw Something 1 or Draw Something Messenger.


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