ExoDOS Playthrough, A-“Ad “

A Day for Soft Food

[3/5 stars]

OK, so I guess I’m a cat.  Not a good start (I hate cats).  But not a bad game, anyway.  Puzzles involve figuring out an elaborate chain of events to get food before the timer runs out (you’ll probably have to restart a few times), outsmarting a rival cat and so on.


A Dudly Dilemma

[0/5 stars]

I couldn’t get this one to run.  I hear a single note from my emulated AdLib soundcard (or whatever) and it freezes on a black screen.


A Matter of Time (1995)

[2/5 stars]

RayTraced.jpgLooks like somebody got a ray tracing program and was looking for a way to get some use out of it.  Graphics involve the typical mirrored spheres and other geometrical shapes, along with some others–perhaps digitized photos.  Not all of them are this cheesy, there is some well done stuff in here.  Actually, though, the graphics get a little annoying past a certain point and hinder the game by breaking it up with lengthy load-time waits.

It looks like the plot is you are going back in time to rescue a murder suspect that is searching for the existence of God.  You follow him back in time and end up encountering… Not much really.  A forest, a cave, a waterfall, a dinosaur.  After a few times of being eaten, and having to go through the intro with all of the slow-loading graphics, I called this one.  Being that it is an “introductory adventure” meant to entice you to purchase the full version, I have a feeling I’m not missing too much.  Still, it’s not totally unworthy of a quick play-through.


As a minor point of interest, this may be the first game in the post-Infocom era to not have a response to ‘xyzzy’.


 A Mind Forever Voyaging

[5/5 stars]

And so we come to the first Infocom game in the list.  I believe these are still being sold by someone… Activision?  Not sure.  So it’s not technically abandoned like most of the other games in this package.  However, between all of my Lost Treasures, original game purchases, and iOS/GOG purchases, I own this one a few times over.

Here’s the thing–I only played through the first section of this game at this time, and decided to “table” it for now.  As I work through the ExoDOS collection, I am looking more for “quick-hits”–I could probably spend the rest of my free time playing through these until I die–but I don’t want to do that exactly.  I’m trying more to find the hidden gems in here and move quickly through the other ones.  AMFV falls into the hidden gems category, and as such, I am going to collect these and do them later, giving them the extra time they deserve.


A-MIS Adventure

[3/5 stars]

Not bad for what it is… A quick little text adventure in which you play the part of a programmer coming in to work over the weekend to fix a horrible bug in your program code.  The game is not without its frustrations–such as having to punch in a code to unlock a door every time you go through it.  Most of the solutions make sense, or are at least easy enough to figure out.  One thing that tripped me up for a while is that being in the same room as an object that you need to use is not necessarily the same thing as carrying the object.  Shouldn’t take more than a half hour or so, from start to finish.


The Abbey

[2/5 stars]

Fairly extensive mapping at first yielded a large map but no real direction on where to go.  Thus, this became boring quickly due to the poor pacing of the game and the story.  Still, it should earn some marks for good grammar and spelling and a dark, brooding atmosphere.



Too many text adventures lately.  I know from reading about this game that it is pretty brutal.  I think I’ll save this one for later.  Ad Verbum would be next, and I am looking forward to that one, but I am in the mood for a more graphical game right now.  So I’ll end this here and move on to the next one of those…


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