ExoDOS Playthrough, Altered Destiny, Ad Verbum

Ad Verbum

[4/5 stars]

AdVerbumI’m not sure exactly why some of the more modernish IF community games are included in this collection.  Maybe it’s a sort of “best of” addition to the classic DOS games.  I’d been meaning to get around to this game for a long time.  It seemed similar to an Infocom game that I was a fan of, Nord and Bert Couldn’t Make Heads or Tails of It.  As modern IF goes, Ad Verbum is one of the best. The puzzles are challenging, but they are presented in a more than fair manner.


Altered Destiny

[2/5 stars]

For being developed by one of the “greats”, Michael Berlyn–maybe not the worst Sierra-esque graphic adventure, but… so much of the progression through the game is spent trying to navigate your way through pixel-wide areas, stepping to either side of which can cause you to die instantly that it is very quickly not fun to play.  Funny death scenes are not bad in themselves, but it gets old in this game.  I think if you can get past the frequent complicated control / death dynamic then it might be an enjoyable game.  For me… I have over a thousand more games to get through here, so I need to keep moving.


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