Pennsylvania Reintroduces Fire Towers


I’ve been fascinated by the whole fire watch thing since reading the book by Philip Connors.  And of course, now there’s an incredible game out, Firewatch, that sadly, comes as close as I ever will to experiencing it.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream.  Almost all of the fire watching jobs I’ve seen have been out in the East, but it turns out that after 70 years of using more techie ways to do it, PA is reintroducing fire watch towers.  Now they’ll need people to staff them, eh?

via Pennsylvania Reintroduces Fire Towers – AMC Articles


TortoiseSVN Externals

I know that I’m going to forget this within the next couple of weeks, but it’s worth remembering.  When adding dependencies to your SVN projects, use externals.  They’re a little confusing, but if you use the “drag and drop” method outlined in the documentation, it’s not that bad.

Creating externals via drag and drop

If you already have a working copy of the files or folders you want to include as externals in another working copy, you can simply add those via drag and drop from the windows explorer.

Simply right drag the file or folder from one working copy to where you want those to be included as externals. A context menu appears when you release the mouse button: SVN Add as externals here if you click on that context menu entry, the svn:externals property is automatically added. All you have to do after that is commit the property changes and update to get those externals properly included in your working copy.