Adventures in Retroville is about bringing life back to old games and stuff.  Fountain pens.  Food.  New stuff like technology.  Anything that I’m interested in, really.  It’s a reboot of a reboot of my personal blog, Phil’s Mind Map.

The excellent Get Lamp documentary is partly to blame for inspiring this reboot, but also some of the Interactive Fiction blogs of today, such as Renga in Blue, in which the author takes great care to play his way through classic works of IF, and the Digital Antiquarian.

Most of this site will also try to relive to experience of classic software.  Text or graphical adventures.  Here is my own expected game review process:

  • Decide on a game
  • Look up history and other information about the game at Moby Games and just general Bing.  Link from Moby to relevant articles in ancient gaming magazines, and browse through these to get a feel for the times in which they were released.
  • Read any manuals–note important details.  Check out feelies, if any.
  • Attempt a good play-through without any hints.  Take notes.
  • Check for specific hints if stuck.
  • If the game becomes unwinnable, all bets are off.  Consult a walk-through. I don’t really have time for games that don’t follow the players bill of rules.  Of course, many don’t, and I’ll still play them, but I don’t have much time to futz around with them.

Other reviews or general interest posts will appear as I see fit.  Enjoy!